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Across the face of the moon.

Across the face of the moon is a a developing series of pictorial and text based works, based in a writing and digital drawing/painting/animation practice. This is the visual component.

When the sky is a korowai, 2019.
Image test.
A quick animation test.
ATFOTM Quick first test of 2D animated elements.

You can read the developing story here:

Had to change up the relationship between the lizard and the eel at the top of the image. I didn’t see it before but when I did I realised that it was looking somewhat inappropriate lol. Also changed up the left side, it was looking a bit imbalanced.
Looks a bit weird on the left at the moment, but shadow and highlights should equalise it into a more cohesive mass. Veins that turn into a forest on the print to the left, or vice versa, on a print to the left that doesn’t exist yet. Wizened trees like the ones you get in the city. Took out a bit of the text. I hate text lol. The print to the right will expand into a train station. And I’ll figure out when I get to it how to layout the accompanying text. Text sucks lol. When I animate this it will all be done in the audio.
I’ve added and taken away quite a bit, slowly getting the lizard how I want it. Have been thinking of the next two works that go on either side of this print. This is the second, of potentially 10-20 as I look to illustrate a text that I’m still writing. Maybe 10 sounds like a good number? It’d certainly be cheaper to make than 20. 
Last one of the night. No where near finished. But slowly getting there. A basic form for the lizard, it’ll end up more crystalline.
Having heaps of fun with this. And can see elements of the potential starting to develop. Just spent 3 1/2 hours mucking around with the text, only to change it back pretty much. Ok, have been putting it off cos its gonna be tedious, but am gonna make a lizard next. That curls across the back the eel at the top.
Changed it up a bit. Did some tidying and am slowly adding shadow and texture. Lol & I just saw a typo, doh!
OK so composition sorted, well at least the main parts. The top has a tricky element to add. But I like the basic idea.
Ok so I think I have a rough composition down. Apart from maybe the right and top edges. But apart from that headache it’s about refinement of the rest. Then maybe tone/shading. And colour. Am pretty happy so far. As I write this I can see a number of areas that i’d like to improve. Actually the right and top are too tight to the edges. I hate thinking cetripetaly all the time, but it usually solves my issues with composition. Think I’ll get this printed A1 and framed next week, just need to get it double checked. But that’s enough of a deadline.
The composition is coming along. Added the text…it’s ok. Not sure if you can read it with the compression that’s on the image
Getting closer to a suitable layout. Colour still needs work. and tidying up the messiness may take awhile. But all good so far.
Still developing the composition and elements. Colour is all over the place at the moment, but that’s an easy fix later on
Still sorting out composition and elements before I sort out form/colour and eventually detail. Am nervous as about adding text, it’s just a paragraph, but fonts have never been my strong suit
Doing some layout/composition experimentation.
Sketching out ideas to extend the work into a much larger work.
Lol I Didn’t see this one coming, but I have a plan. To me this looks like an uneasy marriage between; a german expressionist woodblock head; a Matisse body, and a burgeoning futurist upper torso. It cracks me up! I reckon it will all be equalised in the end or not. And I’ll make something else.
First sketch of the holidays.

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