Oho Ake (2016)(Final Video)

Written, Directed and Animated by Rangituhia Hollis.Sound Design by Daniel Campbell-McDonald.Music by Shannon Coulomb.Assistant Animators: Simey Chhean, Aj Shirley, Natanahira Tuiasau-Makoare.Produced in partnership with Manurewa High School, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland.Commissioned by Te Tuhi, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland.Documentary footage filmed and edited by Ian Powell. Oho Ake was commissioned by Te Tuhi as part of the exhibition: … Continue reading Oho Ake (2016)(Final Video)

Alofagia (2019)

In 2018-19 I developed a series of animations for the Opera Alofagia. An opera by Anapela Polataivao which featured Sole Mio, in the leading roles. My part in the opera was to work with the Director Anapela Polataivao to represent elements that would support the performers during the opera. These animations were projected on the … Continue reading Alofagia (2019)

Wave (2007)

Wave or Flat is a 3D animation that was a part of the original screening of the Kapua artwork that I showed at Manukau Institute of Technology in 2007. The location is our flat at the time, that was on Plumley Crescent in Mangere. Wave. Flat & Rote. The flat was also the subject of … Continue reading Wave (2007)

Teaching/Student works (2012-)

More Images and Video to be added soon. From 2012 onward I have developed and implemented a creative learning program at Manurewa High School that incorporates digital content creation. I have introduced 2D & 3D digital artwork, with a focus on 3D Modeling, Sculpting and Animation. The following highlights are a snapshot of student achievement … Continue reading Teaching/Student works (2012-)

Tahunga (2017)

Tahunga is a three channel synchronized animation that was exhibited at the Hastings City Art Gallery in 2017. The work was made in collaboration with Daniel Campbell-MacDonald who made the audio for the work.

Manurewa E (2016)

This image was developed as a part of a cover to the 2016 Manurewa High School Yearbook. It’s based on the local waiata Manurewa E

Tamapahore & Tamapahure (2017)

This image was developed as a part of a cover to the 2017 Manurewa High School Yearbook. I’t is intended to represent the kite flying competition between the two brothers Tamapahore and Tamapahure.

O.P.P. Other peoples property (2015)(Final Video)

O.P.P (Other People Property) is an animation exhibited at St Paul’s Street Gallery, AUT in 2015. The work drew together elements that I had created and also collected. Much of the work developed as a part of research into Maori representations made by ‘other’s’ of for ‘other’s’. The audio track was developed by Daniel Campbell-MacDonald.

Character developments (2007-9)

These are a some of the first 3D characters that I began making at Manukau Institute of Technology and Elam School of Fine Art/University of Auckland.

Kapua Drawing Books (2007)

These are a selection of drawings that were developed while I was studying at the Manukau Institute of Technology in 2007. I was interested in representing characters based on real and imagined people and beings. A lot of them were drawn on various pages and then compiled into drawing books. They were a part of … Continue reading Kapua Drawing Books (2007)

Tangimangaone VR (2016)

VR video of a 3D model of Tangimangaone, the whare kai of Iri te Kura, Waipiro Bay. This is an experiment with the medium.

Arotahi (2020)

Arotahi is an animated work that was screened in the cinema of the MTG Hawke’s Bay in 2020. The work was made as a part of a broader project of the same name. A large part of the project was developed during the two lockdowns in Auckland. The work uses the site of the Waiapu … Continue reading Arotahi (2020)

I a ra, I a ra (2018)

I a ra, I a ra is an animation with audio, made in collaboration between Rangituhia Hollis & Jeremy Leatinu’u. I created the video in conversation with Jeremy. Conversations between us both contributed to the audio and development of the video; which takes the form of a narration of thoughts and discussions that we were … Continue reading I a ra, I a ra (2018)

Current Account (2000)

Current Account is a work created at the Eastern Institute of Technology, Hawkes Bay in 2000. Unfortunately I only have a few images of the work left, ones that were a part of the essay that went along with the work. The work was created in the EIT Otatara Studios and consisted of quickly cast … Continue reading Current Account (2000)


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