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Across the face of the moon.

Notes on Colour.

Notes on colour. (-2019) Rangituhia Hollis.

Putting together notes on colour was writing a text that – for me – folded time. Parts were written a long time ago from 1999 to the time just before it was published in 2019. 20 years of scribbled and typed texts that lingered in my head. There was so much left out of this text, but there may be other texts.

I have to thank Tessa Laird for the support that she gave me during the long process of writing this.

The otherside of speaking.

This text is a part of the catalogue for the exhibition More than we know at Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland. Am not sure if I have permission to share this, but am posting it cos I think it should be all good.

Current Account, 2000, EIT.

Current Account Link.

This is an early essay. Keep in mind when reading it a lot of the ideas in this were formative, and not intended to be absolute. I’ve changed the way I think about some of this info, for example after talking years later with Mike Smith about One tree Hill I understand that his perceptions have also changed around the part I discuss in this essay also. They were written when I was a student, studying at EIT in Hawkes Bays’ Diploma in Design and Visual Arts. One day i’ll retype the essay, until then, the photos of the essay will have to do.

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